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Rian-Pascal Bergen

Psalm 111:1-10


There is no freedom, and no growth, without access to free information!

The VAST Majority of my photography here is listed under the Public Domain. That means that it is free for you to use, forever. No credit is necessary. Any supporting images, text, files, etc. are also under the Public Domain.

Any exceptions to this will be clearly stated in the description and marked with a Copyright. Also included in this exception are any images of people which are Copyright to protect the people within them, as well as any works in the mentions tab. These are other people's works that I am linking to.

But Rian? You could be making money!

I really don't care. This is not my job. I am more interested in making this information freely available to anyone who wants, or needs it. By making it freely available to everyone, I am hoping that someone out there might find my work and discover something new. Learn something that they might treasure for the rest of their lives. Spark an interest into a universe much greater than anyone can hope to imagine. Point to the GOD that created all of this, just for our enjoyment.

I would love to hear from you if you do end up using my work. This isn't necessary, but it would certainly make my day. If you wish to credit me in your work, you may do so by using my full name "Rian-Pascal Bergen" and providing a link to my website


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This allows me to see some averages regarding how many clicks my site gets, as well as what people are generally interested in. At no time do I collect/receive any Personal Identifiable Information.

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