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Psalm 111:1-10

Messier 31, or Andromeda Galaxy, Taken 20200124-20200125

20200124-20200125 Messier 31, or Andromeda Galaxy

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This image, and more importantly, this night is permanently burned into my mind. It is the first successful image I ever took of a night sky object. I’ve always been interested in astronomy, and I’ve even had a telescope before this moment, however, this image changed everything for me. I realized that I could take my interests and turn them into way more. I realized that if I had the patience to persevere, I could discover amazing things. Sure enough, that’s what has happened. I’ve come a long way since this image was taken, and yet, this is probably my most important image, ever.


Telescope/Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G (On Loan from Gerrit Bergen)

Imaging Camera: NIKON D7500 (On Loan from Gerrit Bergen)

Guiding Scope: N/A

Guiding Camera: N/A

Mounts: Generic Tripod (On Loan from Gerrit Bergen)

Filters: N/A

Accessories: N/A

Software: Adobe Photoshop 2020

Storage Devices and Computers used are not mentioned here.

Location, Weather, and Acquisition

All data was taken from my Bortel 4 backyard. Location was within a 15-mile radius of Comer, Georgia (USA) (34.0637° N, 83.1254° W). It was cold...

Date Temperature Humidity Average Moon Phase
2020-01-24 - 2020-01-25N/AN/ANew Moon (0%)

Date Filter F-Ratio Gain/ISO Exposure Time Number of Exposures
2020-01-24 - 2020-01-25RGGBf/2.8ISO-160030 seconds1

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