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Total Lunar Eclipse, Taken 20220515-20220516

20220515-20220516 - Total Lunar Eclipse

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I did battle with my Archnemesis: Clouds! I had planned to setup all of my equipment the night before so that I could get it all calibrated and ready to go. I wanted ZERO guesswork. My goal was to timelapse the entire eclipse using multiple setups at different focal lengths... I realized about halfway through the week that there would be thunderstorms that weekend, so I decided to see some friends. Might as well, since I couldn't setup the night before. Once we got back, I realized that there were still clouds overhead, and the eclipse was starting. So, I packed up my go kit, and drove 35 minutes to a gas station in the middle of nowhere. There I just barely caught the end of the partial going into total eclipse. So, I missed the first 3rd of the eclipse. I then spent the next three and a half hours trying to get some images through the clouds. This is the result.

This is a timelapse of all of the shots I managed to take of the Total Lunar Eclipse. It isn't the best, however, it took about a week to get to this point.


Telescope/Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR II at 200mm

Imaging Camera: NIKON D3300

Guiding Scope: N/A

Guiding Camera: N/A

Mounts: Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer 21 Pro, Radian Telescopes Quick-Release Carbon Fiber Tripod

Filters: N/A

Accessories: JJC Intervalometer

Software: PIPP, Deep Sky Stacker, Adobe Photoshop 2022

Storage Devices and Computers used are not mentioned here.

Location, Weather, and Acquisition

All data was taken from the Gas Station at 783 Ila Rd, Commerce, GA 30529; Bortel 5 Gas Station with the Lights Glaring... Weather data was not recorded. It was cloudy though. Some Acquisition Data may be missing.

Date Temperature Humidity Average Moon Phase
2022-05-15 - 2022-05-16N/AN/AFull Moon (100%)

Date Filter F-Ratio Gain/ISO Exposure Time Number of Exposures
2022-05-15 - 2022-05-16RGGBf/5.6ISO 40010 Seconds30

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