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Psalm 111:1-10

Moon (Ina Crater), Taken 20210617-20210618

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This was only posted to show an earlier attempt to one of my later images. A better image/the final attempt can be found here. No extra information will be provided here.


Telescope/Lens: Celestron EdgeHD 8 at f/25

Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI290MM

Guiding Scope: N/A

Guiding Camera: N/A

Mounts: Sky-Watcher EQ6R-Pro

Filters: ZWO 31mm LRGB Filters

Accessories: ZWO EFW 8x31mm, Celestron 2" Luminos Barlow Lens (2.5x), Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox, Astrozap AstroStrap 8" Dew Heater, Astrozap Flexi-Shield 8" Dew Shield

Software: FireCapture, AutoStakkert, RegiStax 6, Adobe Photoshop 2021

Storage Devices and Computers used are not mentioned here.

Location, Weather, and Acquisition

All data was taken from my Bortel 4 backyard. Location was within a 15-mile radius of Comer, Georgia (USA) (34.0637° N, 83.1254° W). Weather data was not recorded. Some Acquisition Data may be missing.

Date Temperature Humidity Average Moon Phase
2021-06-17 - 2020-06-18N/AN/AFirst Quarter (50%)

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