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Psalm 111:1-10

LDN 1622, or the Boogeyman Nebula, Processed 20220331

20220331-20220331 - LDN1622

Full Size Image (PNG 4.36 MB)

This is my submission to the Boogeyman Master Processor Competition hosted by the Astrobisquit Discord Channel. The challenge was to take the data provided by the Big Amateur Telescope, BAT for short, and process it myself. Winners would get the Master Processor Role. The BAT is a collection of amateur astro-photographers who collectively decide on a target and then pool all of their data together. This allows you to collect massive amounts of data on a single target from people around the world. It also allows you to bypass more localized weather events. For this image, I decided to go a little bit more cropped in and show a bit more of the Hydrogen-Alpha. I ignored the Oxygen III Data completely. Total Integration Time is at least 28 Hours, however, this is a bit hard to calculate as not all contributors mentioned how much integration time they put in.

Processing Steps

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